Attending Art School in my early teenage years it was not until almost forty years later, when I started painting seriously obtaining my Degree in Fine Art at the Manchester Art School .Retaining a strong interest in art in the intervening years I climbed and ran in the worlds highest mountains and some of the most hostile deserts- always returning home to Saddleworth and the often sublime South Pennine hills. These adventures have informed and provided the narrative of my practice through to today.
I live and have my Studio in Diggle Saddleworth and have three grown up children and three grandchildren.

My practice attempts to travers the high wire between representational and expressionistic painting.

Painting mainly Plein Air often juggling the dichotomy of conflict between acknowledging the traditional English landscape representation of colour ,tone and form with a more immediate looser approach ; seeking all the time to capture not just the pictoral but the truth and very essence-the grit- of the landscape before and beyond my easel.

All my paintings on this site are for sale -either framed or unframed although I do prefer to supervise the framing before I sell my work.
To contact me please ring or text 07449307036 or e mail

Thank you for clicking onto my website and please visit my online galleries. I am constantly adding new work.
I hope you enjoy my paintings.